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Nuu surfboards draws inspiration from past shapes and design but with subtly blended modern concepts. Classic outlines, progressive foils, rockers and rail profiles combine to give each NUU board a fresh fun feeling in the water.


The range of boards combines traditional shapes with modern surfboard technology. The boards are built with a combination of natural wood stringers, high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) and laminated with layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin.


The use of modern EPS/Epoxy technologies gives the board superior strength and flex memory compared to traditional Polyurethane/Polyester, along with reducing the amount of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC) released into the environment. 




Marcie O'neilL

Marcie began his story in board factories at the old Aloha factory back in 1989.
He used his artistic eye to start as Aloha’s airbrush artist at a time when nearly all boards had colour. After taping up literally thousands of rail bands you start to understand the subtleties of foil, tuck, rocker and each boards unique personality.

From there it was a natural transition to making his own boards, then in time he became sole designer and shaper at Aloha. This happened gradually over a period of 27 years.


Marcie started surfing in the early 70’s and has for the last few years been revisiting the boards he grew up on. This range is a reflection of that experience. 

Based in Manly, Australia and regularly travelling up the coast for less crowded waves.

Alex Dietrich

 Alex grew up surfing on the Australian Central Coast in NSW on a range of his dad's old boards. This is where the love of different surf craft started.


Involved in the surf industry for over 14 years he pulls inspiration from skate, snow and surf throughout the years to help Marcie bring this project to life with the clean tints and lines that work with the way Marcie views the board and the person riding it.




1/35 Sydenham Rd,

Brookvale, NSW 2100



Tel: +61 2 9939 6491

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